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Thursday 31 July 2014

Big Belly Man


We don't gossip much at Hot and Popping, but we can't help but notice the rise of the big belly.  Even RnB star, Chris Brown is rocking the big belly look for summer 2014.

In the past 5 years we can't deny the popularity of the full look in the media and in the Stars of today with the Likes of the BBC's Charlie Sloth,
self proclaimed, 'sexiest fat guy in the universe,' Kiss FM's, Majestic and pops stars like Sam Smith and Rick Ross the belly is definitely dominating and attracting the most attention right now.

 Is this Fashion or just a Fad, will you be following suit? is the six pack played out?

Check out internet sensation, 'Mr Pregnant' with the Viral smash 'Big Belly Man' and Dancehall legend Admiral Bailey's Classic.

Keep it, Hot and Popping!!

Rick Ross - How Many Drinks (Remix) [Feat Miguel & Kendrick Lamar]