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Sunday 22 March 2020

How to eradicate Covid-19 from your personal environment.

What is Covid-19?

Coronavirus also known as Covid-19 is a virus that enters the body through the nose, mouth or eyes and settles in the lungs before it starts to attack the immune system. The virus attacks the immune system by making copies of its self and confusing the bodies defense system. The wonders of the human body are endless and in general a healthy immune system will be able to reset and repair itself if not brush off the virus. 

The problem with Coronavirus is it preys on a weak immune system leaving those who are not so healthy in danger, hence why people are currently being told to stay at home by the Government. 

As important as it is to practice keeping a meter or two apart from those you come in contact with it is equally as important to stay healthy, to win a battle against the Coronavirus.

Where is it from?

Well the word on the streets is the "Wuhan Clan",  whoever they may be. Nevertheless the origin has been pin pointed to Wuhan China with no certain explanation other than conspiracy as to how it has come about. Thankfully China has managed to bring the number of new cases down to zero! rumour has it. Which gives some hope for the rest of the world as we take on the Coronavirus.

The current effects on society.

Following government advice multiple Industries considered to be none essential have been shut down in attempt to slow down the spread of the Virus and lower the workload of the National Health Service, with a lot of science both social and medical behind it. It would seem it is being slowed down with an expectation of 80% of the population getting "The Rona" in countries like Britain and The USA.  

How to eradicate it.

The Virus cannot live without a host so staying clean is essential and making a conscious  effort not to come in contact with the virus. It's most important for the business owners like shop keepers, post offices and public transport services to continue to use hand sanitizers, and even more importantly keep their products and shelves clean. It makes sense for people with the virus to self isolate and make an effort not to pass it on to anyone else as with any other contagious disease. 

 There are plenty of hand sanitizers, sprays, disinfectants and cleaning products available on the market. If people make an effort maybe we can do better than curb the spread as summers on it way let's eradicate it from your personal environment, and maybe the world can start turning again.

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Hot and Popping!!

Thursday 19 March 2020

Covid19 brings Famine to the UK

Stockpilers clear the shelves of UK supermarkets leaving everyday shoppers potentially foodless.

Stores are struggling to keep up with consumer demand and suppliers are unable to supply the demand for everyday essentials.

Image above: Glasgow UK

Image above: Southampton UK

                    Why Is this happening?

The cause is the Coronavirus Hailing from Wuhan and currently conquering the world. The Hybrid Virus previously only contagious to animals like fishes and bats has evolved or been engineered, and is now a threat to human beings alike.

Covid19 is much like an airborne HIV virus making it particular difficult to manage causing an international pandemic. At present governments are bemused and times are uncertain. 

The Virus has been contracted by The British Health minister and her Junior. Which suggests it is potentially being used as a weapon. By whom we are not sure but the Covid19 PR campaign suggests it evolved from a Wuhan fish market and at present no one has taken responsibility for the outbreak.

Ministers claim there is no shortage of food supplies but shop shelves tell a different story in reality.

Hysteria caused by the media has awoken a mass of greedy shoppers determined to purchase and hoard basic essentials as they stock pile leaving everyday shoppers potentially foodless and with out basic essentials.

Video above: example of zombie like stockpilers

Hot and Popping urge shoppers to think, shop sensibly and to refrain from selfishly hoarding food and essential supplies, As this sort of anti social behavior is unexpectable. 

In these turbulent times it is important the people of the world take care of themselves and each other as we are all vulnerable and at risk.