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Sunday, 23 February 2020

Fury Vs Wilder 2 ¬ What happend? the Aftermath!!

"There is only one Tyson Fury!!"

The lineal Champ is now perpendicular.

That's what they're saying on the streets, So what happened? the Gypsy King came out on top and made Deontay Wilder look as bad as he sucks.

Meme of 2020

I am not going to lie I was not overly enthused by the came bout but the support for #TEAMFURY was deep even seeing compadres at the club in Gypsy King clothing spurring on the British champ asking me who do I think is going to win and I, just simply saying they're both crap. While over hearing another clubber saying they wouldn't of lasted back in the old days. And you know what I agree these boxers are learning on the job and improving and seem to be having longer and some what healthier careers than the boxers of the past. Which is lit, the boxers are making the most of sports science and developing strategically which is entertaining never the less. Back in the day professional boxers seemed to be out of the  box super elite and were huge stars because of it to name check Chris Eubank, Nigel Benn, Prince Naseem hammed, Frank Bruno, Lennox Lewis to name a few nowadays its all about Mayweather and he's retired right.

Who wanted it more?

No doubt the Gypsy King, he came in confident hype and high as hell sat on his thrown ready for war with entrance music fit to put anyone to sleep..

While Wilder came in calm collected relaxed and ready for battle on some mad sh!t with a rapper from ingle wood.

In fact both of the fighters entrances were as tiring as you like enough to make anyone's ears bleed.

Wilder looked like he changed his style and didn't seem as wild as normal he was boxing clever trying to play Fury at his own game looking like he left his bombs at home.  Maybe Wilder took his eye off the prise ultimately coming up short for the match. As there is no doubt the British Champ went to USA well trained and disciplined to win the bout. The British Bomber Fury said and I quote "He plans to celebrate with cocaine and hookers" and now that sounds like a man with a plan.

With the ruptured ear drum of Wilder, the battle turned bloody, Which seemingly turned on Fury as he tastes the blood of the battered Deontay and took the opportunity to relish his opponent as he licks Wilders neck back in a batty fury, crazy enough to have his number 1 fan Mike Tyson proud as punch.

I am music man who loves sports but that is foul and un sportsman like, reminiscent of Mike Tyson biting off an ear lobe WTF aye its boxing and the boxing fans love it.

The fight was messy and sloppy on both ends but a great match up never the less. You can't deny Deontay's health deteriorating as the fight was drawn to an end.

Fury and Wilder are keeping the heavy weight boxing division interesting, everyone is talking about it check out statuses of some boxing lovers below.

As you can see every one is stoked over the Boxing and Tyson Fury is the greatest hype on the planet right now. Is Fury that good or just a mediocre athlete in a wilting division? Nobody proclaimed Wilder to be a great fighter other than his one big wild punch which suits his name. Never the less these two giants are exciting fighters and this heavy weight bout, was most definitely Hot and Popping on the streets. Will Wilder be fit enough to continue his boxing career and return for the rematch ?

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  1. Is Wilder still alive? Was the ref too small? He got slaughtered lol 🇬🇧