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Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Floyd Mayweather From Boxing Champ to Phishing Chump

Floyd Mayweather From Boxing Champ to Phishing Chump.


Ex featherweight boxing star, Floyd Mayweather goes from "Hero to Zero" phishing for credit card details of boxing fan's worldwide.

Be warned he is setting up and promoting supposedly fake profiles with names like "Floed Maywethr TMT" for his Facebook live Phishing scam before self destructing.

The mini fraudster world chump goes live with hot females showing off his lavish lifestyle of yesterday, in a desperate attempt  to dupe boxing and lifestyle fans out of their credit card details and cash.

This time he has upset the wrong people and Hot and Popping have been told the little man is going to get beat down on sight. 

Unfortunately this isn't the first time, Floyd Mayweather has been caught up in scandal. He has also been reported to be involved in crypto fraud with DJ Khalid involving millions of dollars.

The word on the street for sometime has been Floyd Mayweather is broke which is hard to believe, but would apparently be true the once richest boxer of all time is hanging on for dear life while he loses everything. After spending all his money on whatever he can spend his money on.

Hot and Popping predict Floyd to be stone broke and cracked out like Floyd Mayweather Senior with Money YAYA  in tow as he loses everything Nickle by Nickle.

Remember where you heard it first Floyd Mayweather is finished he is no longer boxing, He is now doing the most to rip good people.

               R.I.P Floyd Money Mayweather

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